Waterfalls, Xunantunich & Horseback Riding


  • Belize City Skyline
  • 1,000 Foot Falls
  • Chaa Creek Lodge
  • Caves Branch
  • Mountain Pine Ridge
  • Xunantunich Maya Ruins

Your Adventure begins once you board your private helicopter at the Cisco Base Heliport in Belize City. This unique adventure will take you to see the Mayan Mountains Rivers, Valleys and Waterfalls among others. As you depart you will then head south overflying the Northern Lagoon.

Then it’s out to the green pastures of the beautiful forest of Belize. On your scenic helicopter journey to Chaa Creek Lodge your flight takes you over the winding Sibun River with its many twist and turns. Fly over the small but famous bathing spots such as Freetown Sibun, Butcher Burns, Cedar Bank and Gracy Rock Bank. You will then fly over Caves Branch where you will be able to see the beauty of the river as it flows through the cave system. This area encompasses 58,000 acres that are situated beneath a 100 ft rainforest canopy and is bordered by the turquoise waters of caves Branch River. Ahead of Caves Branch lays the deep forest of the Mountain Pine Ridge. You will get a bird’s eye’s view of Belize’s pristine jungles, rivers, caves, limestone arches and mountains.Not long after your eyes start to dazzle at the sparkling water that runs from the largest waterfall in Belize and Central America; called 1,000 ft falls. Even though the name suggest otherwise, this waterfall is closer to 1,600 feet. You will get a view of the entire falls, which is totally unlike the ground tour where you never get to see the falls in its entirety while floating from above.   Your flight then heads west as it glides over the lush unspoiled Mountain Pine Ridge where you will see up to 6 additional waterfalls.

You will then fly over the Xunantunich Maya Ruins. The name means "Maiden of the Rock" in the Yucatec dialect. Overlooking the Mopan River, Xunantunich, was a major ceremonial center during the Classic Period. The site is composed of six major plazas, surrounded by more than twenty-five temples and palaces. The largest pyramid "El Castillo" rises 130 feet above the main plaza and offers an impressive panoramic view of the Belize's Cayo District and nearby Guatemala. “El Castillo" was the tallest man-made structure in all of Belize, until the discovery of "Canaa" at Caracol. The most notable feature on "El Castillo" is the reconstructed frieze on the east side of the lower temple.

Your flight comes to end as you arrive as your next destination the Chaa Creek Heliport.

Your horseback riding tour traverses the trails of the Chaa Creek Nature Reserve through sub-tropical broadleaf forest past ancient Maya sites. As you ride along, your naturalist guide will highlight the various unique plant and wildlife species native to the reserve. Chaa Creek maintains a stable of well-groomed riding horses that are suited for all levels of riding experience. Whether you're just out for an afternoon hike or planning a more extensive exploration, our licensed naturalist guides are always ready to make your experience both intellectually and physically challenging.

Upon leaving from the heliport on your final flight, you will get a bird’s eye’s view of Belize’s pristine jungles, rivers, caves, limestone arches and mountains as you fly back at the end of the day to Cisco Base, Belize City.


  • Wear tennis shoes (NO water shoes allowed)
  • Minimum Age: 8 years old

Note: Lunch can be arranged at the Chaa Creek Lodge.

Adventure departs from Cisco Base, Belize City. Total Time 5 hr 30 minutes approximately

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