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MachacaHelicopter Transfer to Machaca Hill Lodge
Machaca Hill Lodge is situated on the 11,000-acre private Laughing Falcon Reserve in Belize’s Southernmost Toledo District.

Bordered by densely forested limestone hills and Toledo's Rio Grande, less than a quarter of the reserve is utilized for visitor activities. What better way to get there than by a thrilling sight-seeing helicopter ride. There are two different routes to choose for the helicopter transfer from the Belize International Airport to Machaca Hill Lodge.

Machaca HillOption 1: Transfer via Victoria Peak to Machaca Hill Lodge (Blue Route)

As you departs from the Belize International Airport your flights takes you over the majestic mainland as you soar over rivers, Lagoons and caves. Your flight first takes you over the winding Sibun River with its many twist and turns. You will then head out to the green pastures of the beautiful forest of Belize. Your journey continues as you soar across the Mountain Pine Ridge area to have a bird’s eye view at the second-highest elevation in Belize, Victoria Peak. This mountain is 3,675 feet high and is surrounded by the tropical rainforest. It located on the remote northern boundary of the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary which is world renowned for being the first Jaguar Reserve.  You will than fly along the Mayan Mountains as you descent from the mountains you will fly over many rivers and villages. Your flight comes to an end as you arrive at your final destination – Machaca Hill Lodge.

Astrum HelicoptersOption 2: Reef Flight Transfer to Machaca Hill Lodge (Red Route)

As you depart from the Belize International Airport your flight takes you directly to the exotic view of the world’s second largest reef, Belize’s Barrier Reef, stretching for more than 179 miles along the coast and extending 50 miles offshore, the barrier reef complex in Belize is a true treasure among the coral reef communities of the Caribbean. Be one of the lucky passengers to view a manatee either sun-bathing by Robinson Point or just taking a swim along the Cayes. As your flight continues you will fly over Alligator Caye, Columbus Caye and the South Water Marine Reserve along the Main Reef. Throughout your flight, look closely at the clear waters as you might see a dolphin, sting ray or shark in the waters.  Once you head to the mainland you will fly over Placencia then following the coastline along the Port Honduras Marine Reserve. Your flight comes to an end as your reach your final destination – Machaca Hill Lodge in the Laughing Falcon Reserve.

Link: www.machacahill.com

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